The TB Filter is a super-accurate modular recreation of the diode-style filter of the world's most iconic acid techno bass synth. It perfectly captures the aggressive and "screamy" character of the original, and its Saturation control adds even more distortion and emphasis. 

Input jack- Patch audio signals here.

Cut Off- Sets the frequency where low frequency attenuation begins. And yes, we split the word "cutoff" intentionally, just like the original unit. 

Resonance- Emphasizes sound energy at and around the current cutoff frequency by adding feedback from the filter's output back to its input. At lower settings, this can be used to create mild resonances such as those heard in acoustic instruments. At more extreme settings, you'll the trademark TB squelch and scream. Be careful with this knob as it can get loud at extreme settings.

CV Mod jack and attenuator- CV input jack and attenuator for externally controlling the Frequency.

Frequency- Sets the frequency where the filter’s notch will be. Audio content at and around this frequency will be removed from the input signal.

Bypass button- When lit red, the notch filter is active. When gray, the filter is bypassed. Notch filters are often used to make subtle adjustments. Toggling this button on and off can help identify which frequencies are being removed by the filter.

Bandwidth- Adjusts the width of the notch. Low values create a narrow notch while higher values create a wider notch.

Output jack- Outputs the filtered audio signal.