Voltage Modular really comes to life when hardware MIDI knob, slider, or pad controllers are assigned to controls. Learning controller assignments is fast and easy, so let’s delve in.

Assigning An External Hardware Control

In this example, we’ll assign a hardware slider control to a filter module’s cutoff frequency.

Start by right-clicking the Cutoff knob, and select MIDI Learn.

All of Voltage Modular’s controls turn purple, indicating that MIDI learn mode is enabled. Now move the hardware control you’d like to assign. You should see the cutoff knob move as the external knob or slider is moved, and assign mode will automatically be disabled. This is the basic procedure for assigning hardware controllers.

When assigning controllers, you’ll see numbers inside squares on the module controls. These indicate the MIDI continuous controller number of the assigned hardware control (these are also displayed in the MIDI library tab).

Once a MIDI CC controller has been assigned, in addition to real-time control of a Voltage Module parameter, you’ll also be able to record and play back controller data from a DAW.

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