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The Wurlitzer electric piano is unquestionably one of the most classic rock and pop keyboards ever made. Its distinctly-rich barking, hollow tonality has been heard on countless hits over the years, including Ray Charles' "What I'd Say," Queen's "You're My Best Friend," Three Dog Night's "Joy To The World," (almost) every hit from the 70s art-rock band Supertramp, and seriously long list of other rock and pop classics.

Over the years, there were a number of variations of the Wurlitzer, or "Wurly," as it's affectionately known. By far the most common are the model 200 and 200A variants, initially released in 1968. Compared to previous models, these were far lighter and more durable, owing to their molded plastic cases. This made them very practical for live gigging musicians.

Though the 200-series models are most common in the wild, hardcore Wurly aficionados believe that the earlier 140B model is the crown jewel of the Wurlitzer oeuvre, with superior action and tone quality. So when a frequent Cherry collaborator informed us he was undertaking a deep-dive project sampling a 140B that's been played on countless recordings and professionally restored by the wizards at Vintage Vibe, we jumped on the opportunity to create a breathtaking sampled instrument. Everything is there, from carefully modeled built-in vibrato/tremolo, down to release samples, adjustable background hum... even the "clunk" of the sustain pedal. In addition to the super-accurate samples, we've also thrown in eight studio-quality effects, in stomp-box form factor, allowing subtle-to-crazy tonal embellishment. We hope you'll enjoy Whirlybird 140B's spot-on recreation of the classic Wurlitzer magic.

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