PS-3300 is an exactingly faithful virtual analog emulation of the colossal and ultra-rare semi-modular analog polyphonic synthesizer released by Korg in 1977. Cherry Audio has pulled out all the stops to accurately recreate and update this mythical monster synth, from its massive stacked sonic character and signature multiple‑resonator sweeps to the considerable patching capabilities that distinguished the PS-3300 from all other polysynths of the era.

The PS-3300 had three independent "signal generator" panels, each essentially a complete polyphonic synthesizer. Each of these synth panels included 12 independently tunable divide-down oscillator banks as well as independent discrete VCFs, envelope generators, and VCAs for every note. This enabled all 48 keys of the external keyboard to be simultaneously played with independent articulation. Dual LFOs and triple voltage‑controllable resonators for each generator further shaped its signature tone. A dedicated master panel featured a mixer with VCAs for each of the three voice panels, a sample and hold, an additional envelope generator, and two control voltage processors. It also delivered extensive modulation possibilities through an astounding 67 front-panel input/output jacks.

Cherry Audio has faithfully preserved the soul of a classic instrument while cautiously updating its feature set for modern studio environments. The PS-3300 virtual instrument replicates the functionality, layout, and sonic characteristics of each of the three PSU-3301 signal generator panels, including the six-waveform oscillators; two modulation generators (LFOs); dynamic low-pass filters, envelopes, and amps; its distinguishing triple-peak resonators; independent per-note tuning knobs; and patchable jacks (with virtual cables) for signal routing. The voice panels have been expanded with additional faculties including PS- or MS-style filter selection, tempo sync, copy/paste between panels, and temperament tuning presets.

Similarly, the master signal mixer replicates the PSU-3302 sample and hold, a general envelope generator, and jacks for advanced sound shaping and control. Cherry Audio has elegantly expanded the panel with continuously variable CV control of level, per-channel panning, bend range, and studio-quality integrated effects for chorus, delay, and reverbs. With exceptional touches such as a lush interface with the Focus zoom-in feature, unlimited cables per jack, over 360 expertly designed presets, and versatile MIDI mapping, PS-3300 will satisfy both vintage synth aficionados and today's music producers.

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