Dreamsynth DS-1 is our first all-original virtual instrument. We describe it as a love letter to the hybrid analog/digital synthesizers that proliferated from the mid-80s to the early 90s. Innovative instruments like the Ensoniq ESQ-1, the Kawai "K" series, and the Sequential Prophet VS used various cutting-edge flavors of digital synthesis, frequently combined with the warmth of Curtis or SSM analog filter chips, resulted in a really exciting time period for poly synths that went far beyond the strictly-analog synthesis of the 70s.

Dreamsynth is not a recreation of any particular instrument, but it (excuse the pun) cherry picks desirable features from some of the best digital/analog hybrids of the period. Because it's not an emulation of a particular synth, we were free to create a full-tilt, power synth with massive sound and modulation capabilities, but as you'll quickly discover, the user interface is hands-on and super easy to use. If you're comfortable creating sounds with classic Minimoog/Prophet-style analog synths, you'll be creating killer layered sounds in a flash.

Getting back to that "full-tilt, power synth," we weren't kidding - Dreamsynth's three dual-waveform morphing oscillators include independent range and detune controls for each waveform, amounting to six simultaneous virtual analog- or PCM sample-based oscillators (featuring over 400 onboard looping, one-shot, and single-cycle waves) with up to 16 voices of polyphony. The unique A/B wave mix control can set a static balance between two waves, or it can be modulated for a myriad of evolving or rhythmic vector synth-style tones. Dynamically changing oscillator timbres have never been this easy to create!

Each oscillator includes its own fully modulatable volume and pan controls, feeding 12 dB/octave multimode stereo filters for super-wide layered and detuned patches. The stereo filters are a classic OB-style with continuously variable low- to high-pass curves, as well as a bandpass mode, and all parameters are CV modulatable.

Did we mention modulation? Dreamsynth includes three powerful, tempo-syncable LFOs with multiple waveforms, selectable bias, cycling and one-shot modes, and a free-run or retrigger operation. Each oscillator also includes a dedicated triangle-wave LFO, so you won't need to "waste" the main LFOs for oscillator vibrato.

Strings Attached

Dreamsynth also incorporates a beautiful-sounding classic polyphonic string synthesizer, operating completely independently of the main synthesizer tone generation. Furthermore, the main synth and string synth sections can be layered and split across the keyboard, and the arpeggiator and individual effects are all separately assignable.

Mod Madness

Dreamsynth features tremendous modulation routing capabilities capabilities with 20 mod sources and over 40 destinations. All of the "standard" mod sources are here, but we've also included more esoteric mod sources such as four LFO phase choices, audio-rate oscillator to oscillator FM, arpeggiator mod, and more. Mod destinations are equally plentiful, including oscillator A/B wave mixing, panning and level, filter LP to HP curve, and modulation of all effects parameters. Best of all, the modulation setup couldn't be simpler: every mod source/destination has a dedicated pop-up source menu and invertible amount knob - no confusing grids or "hidden" tabs.


Dreamsynth features our most flexible and powerful effects implementation to date, including distortion, phaser, chorus/flange, delay (including our killer tape delay algorithm), and reverb with our amazing new "Galactic" algorithm. Effects can be independently applied to the synth and string sections and all parameters of all effects are CV controllable.

Pre-Purchase Demo Mode

If you haven't purchased the full version of Dreamsynth, it will run in demo mode. All functions will work, but inharmonic tones will occasionally sound (the LED next to Demo in the top toolbar will illuminate when the ugly tones are sounding). We've also added a handy button to make purchasing easy, so you've got no excuse! As you might expect, all this demo nonsense disappears once Dreamsynth is purchased.

Technical Assistance

Cherry Audio's unique online store and automatic updating should make operation a smooth experience, but if you run into any issues or have questions, you can discuss issues online at the Cherry Audio forums at:


... or you can communicate directly with our grumpy except for the-new guy outgoing and friendly tech support staff at:


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