The portable synth masterpiece that needs no introduction... originally released in 1971, it's perhaps the best-known and loved analog synthesizer ever made. It also was the first self-contained synthesizer that could be easily taken to a gig. Though its innards weren't 100% identical to its massive modular brethren, it was very similar and shared the thick, juicy, "fat" analog sound that set a bar for analog synthesis that remains unchallenged 50 years later!

Cherry Audio's Miniverse was conceived as the ultimate tribute to the original instrument. DSP master and frequent collaborator Mark Barton went to great depths recreating its every idiosyncrasy, and we're very proud of the results. Unlike our other replica instruments, we resisted the urge to "improve" the original with modern additions - in this way, the joy, simplicity, and fidelity of the original shines through unabated. (Ok, we did add polyphony, and a sidechain input to run external signals into the juicy ladder filter, but no other modern updates). We hope you'll enjoy Miniverse was much as we do!

Manual Layout
This manual will detail each section of Miniverse; the order of the chapters follows the signal flow (as opposed to the physical layout of the front panel).

Technical Assistance
Cherry Audio's unique online store and automatic updating should make operation a smooth experience, but if you run into any issues or have questions, you can discuss issues online at the Cherry Audio forums at:

... or you can communicate directly with one of our outgoing and friendly tech support staff at:

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