The Cherry Audio Rackmode Signal Processors bundle represents the first time these renowned analog treasures have been recreated and made available as virtual effects. Rackmode also marks our latest collaboration with award-winning synth designer and DSP legend Mark Barton (MRB), who modeled the circuit-precise emulations based on the original rack-mounted hardware. Further, we have expanded these effects with additional features aimed at today's music producers, including presets, LFOs, stereo processing, and full Apple Silicon M1 native support. And speaking of authenticity, these modules capture not only the deep sounds and capabilities of the original Signal Processor line, but also the elegant look and heritage of the rack-mounted enclosures.

Cherry Audio's Rackmode Signal Processors collection represents a first-time opportunity for producers to explore these studio-quality vintage effects. When combined with today's modern production workflow, experimentation will lead to inspiration, and an old approach to sound can unexpectedly result in something completely new. We hope you enjoy the Rackmode Signal Processors as much as we do!

Pre-Purchase Demo Mode

If you haven't purchased the full Rackmode Signal Processors collection, they will run in demo mode. All functions will work, but bursts of noise will occasionally be heard (the LED next to Demo in the top toolbar will illuminate when the noise is sounding). We've also added a handy button to make purchasing easy, so you've got no excuse! As you might expect, all this demo nonsense disappears once the Rackmode Signal Processors collection is purchased.

Technical Assistance

Cherry Audio's unique online store and automatic updating should make operation a smooth experience, but if you run into any issues or have questions, you can discuss issues online at the Cherry Audio forums at:

... or you can communicate directly with our difficult and-easily perturbed except for the new guy outgoing and friendly tech support staff at:

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