The Cherry Audio Rackmode Three Band Parametric EQ is a super-accurate recreation of a late 70s rack mount parametric EQ. Besides having a highly flexible EQ character, it includes a unique Drive knob that lends a gentle saturation to signals.

Other than their respective frequency ranges, each of the three EQ sections is identical. Controls are as follows:

Width- Sets the bandwidth of the boosted and cut signal from 1/4 to 4 octaves wide.

Frequency- Sets the center frequency to be boosted or cut.

Height- Sets the amount of boost or cut, up to 20 dB.

Drive- Cranking this up adds a gentle clipping to audio content.

Gain and Overload lamp- Sets overall output level. It's generally best to set this so the Overload lamp occasionally lights, and then back it off a hair.

Status- Enables or disables the EQ.

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