The built-in echo has a vintage tone and its repeats are ever-so-slightly spread in the stereo field to widen up patches.

On switch- Guess what? This turns on the Echo effect.

Time- Sets delay time, from 1 to 2000 ms. If the Sync button is enabled, time settings snap to synchronized note values.

Sync- The Sync switch locks the delay time to master tempo. When engaged, the Time knob snaps to note values ranging from 1/64th note triplet to 8 beats. Sync mode locks to the tempo in the top toolbar when using the SEM standalone version or the current project tempo when the plug-in version is used in a DAW.

Feedback- Routes the output to the input for additional repeats. Be careful at high settings as this can result in runaway feedback madness.

Mix- Sets the ratio of clean to effected sound.


This one is admittedly ridiculously simple, but its DSP was created by our frequent collaborator, Mark Barton (MRB). He managed to dig up the circuit diagrams for the rare-as-hen's-teeth Oberheim Phasor stomp box and modeled it, and it sounds awesome.

On switch- Turns on the Phasor effect.

Speed- Sets the phaser's internal LFO speed from 0.10 to 5 Hz. The LED flashes at the current mod rate.

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