Synthesizer Expander Module includes a basic sine wave-only low-frequency oscillator for modulation purposes.

Mod Wheel switch- Switching this to the up position automatically configures your MIDI/USB controller's mod wheel to control LFO depth control. This makes setting up the LFO with a mod wheel super easy.

If the Mod Wheel switch is on and your controller's mod wheel is at zero, the LFO won't have any signal output, soooo... if the LFO doesn't seem to be working, make sure the Mod Wheel switch is in the off/down position (or push up your controller's mod wheel)

Frequency (control unlabeled)- The Rate knob sets the speed of the LFO, from 0.08 to 15 Hz (with Sync switch off) or from 8 beats up to 1/64th note triplets (Sync switch on). The LED beside it flashes at the current mod rate.

Sync- When the Sync switch is in the up position, LFO speed will lock to host tempo when used within DAW software, or to the current tempo in the top menu bar when using the standalone version.

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