This is where output volumes, layer panning, and overall tuning are set.

Layer Solo- Solos the layer currently selected for editing in the adjacent Panel Control section. This is really useful if you're editing a sound on a layer and don't want to hear the other layer. The Layer Solo button only works in Double and Split modes in the Tuning/Keyboard section. I'm pretty sure there's a good "Han Layer Solo" and "Princess Layer-a" joke in there somewhere...

Layer Volume- Sets volume for the currently active layer, as selected with the adjacent Panel Control Lower and Upper buttons. Remember that the chorus, echo, and reverb effect inputs operate like mixer aux sends, and are "tapped" following the Layer Volume control, so dry signal and effect levels will both be affected.

Layer Pan- Sets left/right panning for the currently active layer, as selected with the adjacent Panel Control Lower and Upper buttons. Note that the Layer Pan knob only affects dry signals; the chorus, echo, and reverb effects signal panning aren't affected.

In case you're wondering why the effects are configured like this- Elka-X's output signals are inherently mono, but all three effects are stereo. Let's say a layer was hard-panned to one side of the stereo image; you wouldn't want a big, beautiful stereo reverb to hard pan along with the dry signal, otherwise the big stereo reverb would collapse into a small, single-channel reverb. This logic applies to all three effects. (Mono-izing and hard-panning the effects would sound particularly silly in the case of the echo effect Ping Pong mode).

Master Tune- Sets the overall tuning for the entire instrument up or down by a half-step. Use this to accommodate your nitwit lead singer who insists that everyone tunes to A-439 to, "save his voice."

Limiter- The Limiter switch applies a transparent limiting effect to help prevent overloading.

Master Volume- Sets the overall volume level for the entire instrument: Lower and Upper layers, and effects.

Output VU meter- Displays overall output level. You know the drill, keep 'er out of the red.

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