Modulator 1 and 2

Polymode includes two "bonus" low-frequency oscillators (LFO). These generate sub-audio range signals intended for modulation purposes and are routed to mod destinations via the Mod Src buttons and attenuator knobs beneath the main slider controls. For more info, see the Using Mod Sources section.

As both modulators are identical, we'll go over their controls one time. (Feel free to read this twice.)

Mod Wheel - This is a really handy, but potentially confusing feature, so don’t skim this section. If the button is in the Off position, the LFO is always “on.” Its effects will be immediately audible if a Mod Src routing is active. Clicking to the On position enables control of modulator depth with an external keyboard controller mod wheel. If the mod wheel is all the way down, modulator depth is zero. This makes setting up a mod wheel to add vibrato or wah effects very easy. If it seems like the modulator isn't working, check if the Mod Wheel switch is engaged.

Sync- Engaging the Sync button locks the LFO master tempo. When engaged, the Rate slider snaps to note values ranging from 1/64th note triplet to 8 beats. Sync mode locks to the tempo in the top toolbar when using the Polymode standalone version or the current project tempo when the plug-in version is used in a DAW.

Waveform- Selects the repeating pattern of the modulator. Available waveforms are triangle, ramp, sawtooth, square, and random waves. Only one waveform is available at any time.

Rate- Sets the LFO rate from 0.05 to 10 Hz with Sync disabled (i.e. free-run mode). The LED above the slider flashes at the current rate.

Del- Moving this slider up gradually delays the onset of modulator depth. The delay time can be set from 0 to 5 seconds. Note that LFO delay is global, so the modulator delay won't start anew for each note played; the onset delay restarts only when all currently held notes are released.

When the Mod Wheel switch is in the on position, the Delay slider grays out and is disabled (because you wouldn’t want the onset of modulator mod delayed when controlling mod amount with a mod wheel). 

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