VCA and Amplitude Envelope Sections

VCA is short for “voltage-controlled amplifier,” and for all intents and purposes, you can think of it as an automated volume knob. The original instrument did not include a master VCA, but we've added it for increased flexibility. Most significantly, it enables tremolo and pulsing sounds (using the Mod Source routing beneath it with Modulator 1 or 2) that couldn't be created on an original instrument.

Amount- This works like the master volume control, but the modulation input explained below adds all kinds of amplitude modulation capabilities, unavailable in the original instrument.

Mod Source button and Attenuator knob- The Mod Src selector button and attenuator beneath the slider allow positive or inverted voltage control of the Amt slider. Clicking the Mod Src selector button opens a pop-up menu where the mod source can be selected. Once a mod source is chosen, the button turns red and its text changes to indicate the current mod source. To choose a different mod source, click the button and choose another modulator, or choose None to disable modulation. The attenuator knob beneath the Mod Src button set a positive or inverted voltage control amount.

Amplitude Envelope

The Amp Envelope controls Polymode's voice amplitude. Like most modern poly synths, each voice (up to a maximum of 32) has its own independent envelope and associated voltage-controlled amplifier.

Vel (Velocity)- Defines how much the envelope affects amplitude via keyboard velocity. Remember that the IO Panel Poly Sources Poly Vel output is normalled to the Controls Poly Vel input, so you won't need to patch a cable to utilize amp envelope velocity. A setting of zero gives maximum dynamic range; at a setting of 10, keyboard velocity has no effect on amplitude, and is essentially full blast all the time.

Att (Attack)- Defines the length of time for VCA amplitude mod voltage to rise from minimum to maximum.

D/R (Decay/Release)- Defines the length of time for VCA amplitude mod voltage to fall from the Att stage peak to Sus stage setting (key held) or fall to zero (key released).

Sus (Sustain)- Sets the held amplitude voltage following Att and D/R phases (key held).

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