This one is REAL easy to miss. It allows easy copying of parameters between the three Voice Panels as well as initialization - it's super useful if you create a sound on one of the Voice Panels, and you'd like to double it up on one of the others.

Each panel includes an upside-down triangle at the top-right.

Click on it to open the popup menu:

The menu commands are as follows:

Copy <current voice panel> to <one of the the other voice panels>- Select which panel you'd like to copy settings to. Patch cords are not copied (because there isn't good way to handle cables routed between voice panels), so if something doesn't round right, check the destination Voice Panel patch cables mod routings.

If you accidentally copy "over" settings on the wrong panel or change your mind, remember that you can always undo with the standard [CTRL-Z] (Windows) or [⌘-Z] (Mac) commands or by clicking the counterclockwise undo arrow in the purple menu strip.

Reset Panel <panel # here> to Default Values- This resets the current Voice Panel (but not the others) to initial parameter values. It's like clicking the New button at top-left, but only for the current Voice Panel

"Default Values" also may have been a short-lived 1987 NBC TV series starring Justine Bateman and Lisa Bonet... but probably not.

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