Left-Hand Controls

The Left-Hand Controls section includes standard "performance" controls as follows:

Glide Amount- Also known as "portamento," glide delays the voltage change between pitches for a sliding effect. Glide is individually enabled or disabled using the Glide buttons in each oscillator section; the Keyboard Assign Glide knob sets the glide speed globally. Lower values = faster glide times, higher values = slower glide times. Glide works in all voice modes. If you'd like to use glide polyphonically, it works best (i.e., most predictably) in Poly 2 mode.

Bend Depth- Sets the maximum amount of bend via a USB/MIDI controller pitch bend wheel. Maximum bend depth is an octave.

Octave Shift +/-- Transposes the overall tuning for the entire instrument up or down in octave increments. The green center LED is the nominal setting.

Pitch wheel- Standard pitch bender with a range specified by the adjacent Bend Depth knob. The pitch wheel can be moved onscreen with a mouse or with a MIDI/USB pitch bend wheel or joystick.

Mod wheel- The mod wheel can be moved onscreen or with a MIDI/USB mod wheel or joystick. It outputs a constant control signal that can be used by selecting Keyboard>Mod Wheel with any of the mod Src button menus.

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