The Master section controls affect the entire instrument globally. All Master settings are saved with individual patches.

Drift- Applies a random amount of independent tuning drift to the synth oscillators and filter frequencies for a more authentic analog character. We generally recommend always leaving it turned up a bit, with one exception. If you're recreating DX FM synthesis sounds, you may want to turn it all the way down, for vintage-correct, exactly-perfect modulator/carrier interaction.

Pitch- Sets the overall tuning for the entire instrument up or down by one semitone.

Limiter- This is a switch that applies a transparent limiting effect to help prevent overloading and clipping.

Volume and output meters- Controls the overall instrument volume. You'll want to optimize the output to avoid clipping using the Master Volume knob as well as the oscillator Level sliders. Try to keep these out of the red or you may experience ugly digital clipping.

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