The Cherry Audio CA2600 is a powerful, self-contained duophonic synthesizer inspired by the classic ARP 2600. Every aspect of the original, from the quirky oscillator waves to the powerful ladder filter was modeled with tremendous precision. And although it features very similar functionality, we've added numerous updates to increase its flexibility and usefulness. Most notably, we've added distortion, delay, and reverb effects - instead of being "tacked-on" like most softsynth effects, these are fully integrated into the user interface with CV control of almost every parameter - we think you'll enjoy them!

CA2600 features semi-normalled audio and modulation paths for modular synth-style flexibility, but like the original ARP 2600, the normalled connections allow rapid sound creation without the use of patch cables. Incidentally, CA2600 uses the same highly refined and super-fast patching system as its big brother, Voltage Modular, making routing, moving, and multing cables a pleasure.

The number-one design goal was to place everything immediately in front of the user for an unprecedented hands-on, "everything right in front of you, right now!" vintage synthesis experience. We think you'll find CA2600 to be the best 2600 emulation ever created, and hope you enjoy scaring the neighbor's dog with it as much as we have!

Pre-Purchase Demo Mode

If you haven't purchased the full version of CA2600, it will run in demo mode. All functions will work, but inharmonic tones will occasionally sound (the LED next to Demo in the top toolbar will illuminate when the ugly tones are sounding). We've also added a handy button to make purchasing easy, so you've got no excuse! As you might expect, all this demo nonsense disappears once CA2600 is purchased.

Technical Assistance

Cherry Audio's unique online store and automatic updating should make operation a smooth experience, but if you run into any issues or have questions, you can discuss issues online at the Cherry Audio forums at:

... or you can communicate directly with our surly and grumpy outgoing and friendly tech support staff at:

About This Manual

Each of CA2600's sections is explained in the following chapters. Instead of going across the panel, we've arranged the chapters in the order of signal flow (more or less). In other words, oscillators>filters>amplifiers, etc. If you're not familiar with modular synthesizers, we strongly recommend reading the Semi-Normalled Patching section, because it's really important to understand how CA2600 works.


The 2600 uses standard analog synthesis building blocks such as oscillators, filters, amplifiers, etc. The full name for an oscillator would be a "voltage controlled oscillator," which often is abbreviated to "VCO," for example. The following table shows full names and abbreviations of CA2600's components:



voltage-controlled oscillator


voltage-controlled filter


voltage-controlled amplifier


low-frequency oscillator


sample & hold


envelope generator


attack, decay, sustain, release


attack, release


Twisted Sister


Blue Öyster Cult


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