Preamp and Sidechain Input

The Preamp and Sidechain input section enables processing of the external audio signals.

Sidechain normalled input and jack- Obviously you won't be able to plug real cables into the front-panel jack (unless you know something we don't), so the default routing is to receive signals from a DAW sidechain signal path. The specifics of sidechain routing vary dependent on DAW software, but once the signal is routed to CA2600, the three-LED meter in the corner will display signal level. You'll ideally want the first two green LED's to illuminate, and avoid the top red LED.

As with other normalled connections, the default sidechain routing can be overridden by plugging any CA2600 output signal into the jack above the orange box.

Using The Sidechain Input in Standalone Mode
If CA2600 is running in standalone mode (i.e. not as a DAW virtual instrument), the sidechain input can still be used, provided your computer system audio hardware has input capabilities.

To select the input source, click the Settings gear in the top tool bar, and click the Audio/MIDI icon. The sidechain input source can be selected via the Input pop-up menu.

Gain- Sets the incoming signal input level. The gain amount is affected a great deal by the Range switch.

Range- Allows three different amplification levels. Note that CA2600 includes a very analog-style overdrive at high Gain and Range settings. This really useful when processing electric guitar signals (and exactly what Pete Townshend was known to do on Who classics such as "Who Are You," and "Going Mobile.")

Output- The preamp section output; allows routing to any other section for processing.

Tuning- Sets master tuning up or down by a half-step. 

Output Meters- Not really a control, but this displays the master output. Like any other meter, it's best to keep these out of the red.

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