The Store library tab lets you purchase modules and sounds from directly within Voltage Modular. Purchased modules and sounds are automatically downloaded and installed for use in Voltage Modular.

Categories in the store only display modules not installed on your computer except for the Purchased category, which displays previously purchased modules and sounds.

Purchasing Modules and Sounds- To purchase a module, module collections, or sounds package, click on the price button, or double-click anywhere in the listing.

Purchase Online- This takes you to the Cherry Audio website where you’ll be able to complete purchases. Upon completion of the transaction, the new module(s) is automatically downloaded to your hard drive and installed for immediate use. Yay!

The Information tab displays information about the item you’re purchasing (bet you didn’t see that coming), and the Reviews tab contains  user reviews to help you make decisions on purchases.

If Use One-Click Purchasing is enabled (Settings Gear icon>Account>Use One-Click Purchasing), modules will be instantly purchased- you will not be taken to the Cherry Audio website.