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The 1051 Dual Four-Channel Mixer module is a "split" eight-channel mixer for audio or CV signals with a number of unique features. Each of its channels includes a separate out, so it can be used an attenuator or mixer, and in addition to the master 1-8 out, it also includes outputs for channels 1-4 and 5-8 for added flexibility.

This module does not actually exist for the original ARP 2500. The original instrument relied on a combination of mixing through it matrix switches and multiple filter inputs, but we created the 1051 module, because we often found ourselves wishing for a dedicated mix module.

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

Input Channels

Input jack- Audio or CV input jack.

Enable switch- Turns the input on when in the up position. Down is the same as a typical mixer "mute" button.

Level- This knob adjusts the level at which the input signal is sent to its associated individual output as well as the master outs at the bottom. 

Outputs individual out jacks- The output of the signal plugged into the channel only - this allows the switch and knob to be used as a mute and an attenuator respectively.


Mix 1-4- The sum of channels 1-4 only.

Mix 5-8- The sum of channels 5-8 only.

Mix All- The sum of all channels.