VM2500 Blank Panel Module 1001 VM2500 Dual Envelope Generator Module 1003 VM2500 Oscillator Module 1004-P VM2500 Oscillator Module 1004-R VM2500 Oscillator Module 1004-T VM2500 Modamp Module 1005 VM2500 Filtamp Module 1006 VM2500 Dual Noise/Random Voltage Generator Module 1016 VM2500 Oscilloscope Module 1019 VM2500 Dual Oscillator Module 1023 VM2500 Dual Reverberator Module 1025 VM2500 Preset Voltage Module 1026 VM2500 Clocked Sequential Control Module 1027 VM2500 Dual Envelope Generator Module 1033 VM2500 Sample & Hold Module 1036 VM2500 Triple VCA Module 1042 VM2500 Synthesizer Voice Module 1045 VM2500 Quad Envelope Generator Module 1046 VM2500 Multimode Filter Resonator Module 1047 VM2500 Mix-Sequencer Module 1050 VM2500 Dual Four-Channel Mixer Module 1051 VM901 Voltage Controlled Oscillator VM902 Amplifier VM903 Random Signal Generator VM905 Reverb VM907A Fixed Filter Bank VM911-A Dual Trigger Delay VM912 Envelope Follower VM921 Voltage Controlled Oscillator VM923 Filters/Noise VM927 Multiple VM958 Keyboard/VCO Interface VM960 Sequencer VM962 Sequential Switch VM984 Four-Channel Matrix Mixer VM995 Attenuators VM914 Fixed Filter Bank VM928 Sample Hold VM1630 Frequency Shifter VM901ABBB Voltage Controlled Oscillator VM904A/B/C Filters VM911 Envelope Generator VM921ABBB Oscillator Bank VM Rackmode 10 Band Graphic EQ VM Rackmode 12 Stage Phaser VM Rackmode 3 Band Parametric EQ VM Rackmode Poly Vocal Source Oscillator VM Rackmode Ring Modulator VM Rackmode String Filter VM Rackmode Vocal Source Oscillator VM Rackmode Frequency Shifter VM Rackmode 16 Channel Vocoder VM Miniverse A-440 VM Miniverse Contour VM Miniverse Filter VM Miniverse Glide VM Miniverse Mixer VM Miniverse Noise VM Miniverse Oscillator VM Miniverse Poly Contour VM Miniverse Poly Filter VM Miniverse Poly Glide VM Miniverse Poly Mixer VM Miniverse Poly Oscillator VM Miniverse Poly VCA VM Miniverse VCA

The VM907A Fixed Filter Bank consists of eight bandpass filters that attenuate frequencies at 1/2-octave intervals as well as fixed corner-frequency lowpass and highpass filters. Its intended use is to create more realistic instrumental sounds by imparting a pattern of peaks and dips to the audio spectrum of synthesizer waveforms.

Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

Lowpass- A low pass filter allows frequencies below the cutoff frequency setting to pass through, but blocks frequencies above the cutoff frequency. This knob does not control the cutoff frequency; it controls the volume of frequencies below the fixed 175 Hz cutoff frequency.

Bandpass Filter volume knobs- Each of the eight main knobs corresponds to a medium-Q, four pole, dual stagger-tuned bandpass filter. The input signal is presented to all the filters and the knobs collectively behave like an output mixer. At zero, that channel is completely off. When everything is turned up, all filters are heard and the response is a bumpy spectrum with a peak at every center frequency and a dip in between.  

Highpass- A high pass filter allows frequencies above the cutoff frequency setting to pass through, but blocks frequencies below the cutoff frequency. This knob does not control the cutoff frequency; it controls the volume of frequencies above the fixed 4000 Hz cutoff frequency.

Input jacks- Patch audio signals in here.

Output jacks- Summed output of the fixed filter bank.