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The VM995 Attenuators module features three independent modules for attenuating and/or inverting audio or control signals. Attenuators are used to reduce the level of signals while inverters “flip” the polarity of a signal making positive voltage negative and negative voltage positive. While that doesn’t sound like too much fun, it is an extremely useful and invaluable tool within any modular system.

Signals within Voltage Modular start out as full-amplitude signals that often need to be turned down. An LFO, for example, can be used to create vibrato by subtly modulating an oscillator’s frequency. If the LFO signal is not attenuated first, the result will sound more like a sci-fi laser than vibrato!

Attenuverters are also handy when multiple CVs patched to a single input. Reducing their levels individually before the CV input is an effective way to "dial in" the perfect amount of modulation from each signal.

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

The 995 module includes three identical attenuverter sections; we'll go over the controls just one time.

Amount knob- Adjusts signal amplitude 0 to 100% from center position to full-clockwise or from 0 to -100% in the full counter-clockwise position.

In jack- Input jack for the signal.

Out jack- Output jack for the attenuated and/or inverted signal.

Input Jack Normalling

Inputs 2 and 3 are normalled to the input jack immediately above; this lets VM928 function as something of a "level-controlled mult." For example, if input 1 has a cable connected , but the other inputs have nothing plugged in, the input 1 signal will be routed to all three attenuator inputs.