The Cherry Audio Compress module is a simple compressor effect with gain and reduction metering for controlling and/or shaping the dynamics of an audio signal. Compressors come in many styles and are used for various applications. This module has static attack and release times that are good for general dynamic control and/or creating punchier percussive sounds.

For anyone unfamiliar, compressors lower the output level of a signal once its input level passes a threshold. This helps reduce the dynamic range of an audio signal. This module uses a simple approach to compression with only two controls. First set the amount of compression using the Peak Reduction control, then use the Gain knob to compensate for any decrease in perceivable volume. 

Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

Input jack- Patch audio signals here.

Peak Reduction- As this knob is turned up from 0% to 100%, the amount of compression, or gain reduction, is increased. This is the equivalent of reducing the threshold on many compressors. The inverted VU meter shows the amount of gain reduction. 

Gain- This is a post-compression output-level control (often labeled "Make-Up Gain") that can be turned up to compensate for the decrease in volume caused by the compressor. The VU meter shows the level of the output signal.