The MIDI Trigger 3 module converts MIDI notes C3, D3, and E3 to trigger outputs for basic drum module setups. If you want a quick and simple way to convert three MIDI notes to trigger outputs this it! If three notes isn’t enough, or you want to use different MIDI notes, check out the MIDI Drum Trigger module.

Inputs and Outputs

MIDI In jack- Input jack for receiving MIDI notes from an external controller or MIDI device. This is typically patched to the From Host MIDI jack in the I/O panel or the MIDI Out jack of a MIDI Input module. Remember that this module ONLY responds to MIDI notes C3, D3, and E3.

Trig Out jacks- Outputs a 5V pulse, or trigger, each time its respective MIDI note is received at the MIDI In jack. These will typically be used to trigger drum modules via their Trig In jacks but can also be used to trigger “one-shot” samples, envelopes or LFOs.