The Cherry Audio Digital Reverb module is a deep-toned reverb audio effect with variable room size, damping, and mono, mono-to-stereo or true-stereo operation. This module is capable of replicating the sound of a large range of room styles from small ambiences to long dark caverns.

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

L(M) and R Input jacks- These are the mono or stereo audio input jacks. When using a mono input signal, patching it to the L(Mono) jack will feed the signal to both sides of the stereo effect.

Room Size- Adjusts the reverb’s decay length and character to simulate the size and frequency response of small and large rooms.

Damping- Adjusts the rate at which high frequencies in the reverb signal dissipate. This is used to simulate the characteristics of different rooms. A room that is full of people and/or has soft walls, for example, will soak up high frequencies quicker than an empty room with cement walls. Turning this knob to the left allows the high frequencies to last longer simulating brighter rooms, while turning the knob to the right will dampen the high frequencies more quickly to simulate a darker room.

Mix (Dry/Wet)- This knob adjusts the mix between the input signal (Dry) and the effected signal (Wet) that will be sent to the outputs.

L(M) and R Output jacks- These are the module’s stereo output jacks. When using a mono input signal and wish to keep the reverb mono as well, use only the L(Mono) Output jack.