The Cherry Audio String Chorus module is a quad-chorus, stereo effect modeled after chorus units featured in classic vintage string synthesizers. It can be used in mono, true-stereo, or mono-to-stereo and features Dry/Wet Mix and Stereo Width controls.

This module uses four chorus effects with varying rates and depths to replicate the sound of a string section where each player performs with slightly different rates and amounts of vibrato.

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

L(M) and R Input jacks- These are the mono or stereo audio input jacks. When using a mono input signal, patching it to the L(Mono) jack will feed the signal to both sides of the stereo effect.

Stereo Width- While using both the Left and Right Output jacks, this knob adjusts the width of the chorus effect. With the knob in its fully left position, the left and right sides of the effect are summed to mono while in the fully right position, the four chorus effects are panned apart from one another to create a wider stereo image.

Mix (Dry/Wet)- This knob adjusts the mix between the input signal (Dry) and the effected signal (Wet) that will be sent to the outputs.

In/Out- This button toggles the effect on and off.

L and R Output jacks- These are the module’s stereo output jacks.