The Cherry Audio Envelope Follower converts the amplitude of an incoming audio signal into a control voltage (CV) output. The module has VU meters to monitor the input and output signals as well as an adjustable input gain and envelope release time.

This is a great tool for creating dynamic CV signals that can be used to modulate just about anything in Voltage Modular. A drum loop, for example, could be used to modulate the cutoff frequency of a filter, the pitch or pulse-width of an oscillator, or the rate of a Super LFO!

Input, Output, and Controls

In jack- Input jack for the audio signal that will be converted to a CV output.

Gain- Scales the amplitude of the input signal from 0% to 200%.

Input Level- This VU meter displays the amplitude of the incoming audio signal after being scaled by the Gain knob.

Env Out- This VU meter displays the CV output signal.

Release- Adjusts the amount of time it takes for the CV output to decrease in voltage as the input signal’s amplitude decreases. When tracking percussive audio signals this will be very similar to a traditional envelope’s release stage. However when tracking less dynamic input sources, the release time acts more as a smoothing value for the CV output.