The Cherry Audio Quantizer module is designed to conform a control voltage input signal to a specific key and scale, or a user-defined set of notes. There are 29 preset scales available and custom scales can easily be created by manually toggling individual notes on or off using the virtual "keyboard." Pitches are tracked and quantized according to the standard 1V/octave scaling.

Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

Input jack- Input for the CV to be scale quantized. Typically this will originate from the CV output of a module such as the Arpeggiator, Eight Step Sequencer, or I/O Panel *Pitch CV Out*.

Scale Select- Opens a menu to select one of the 29 preset scales.

Key- Sets the root note or tonic of the scale.

Keyboard Octave- These 12 black and white keys represent each note of an octave in a standard piano keyboard arrangement. The notes included in the selected scale are illuminated in red and can be toggled on and off to create custom scales by clicking on the buttons.

In Offset- Offsets the input signal’s voltage up or down in semitone increments by up to two octaves.

In Offset CV Mod jack- Input jack for externally controlling the voltage offset of the input signal. Patching *Pitch CV Out* from the I/O panel allows pitch transposition of the input signal in semitones via a keyboard or other CV source.

Output jack- Outputs the input signal after being forced to the specified key and scale.