Ladder Filter filters

The Cherry Audio Ladder Filter is a CV-controllable, 24dB/oct, low-pass filter based on the famous transistor ladder filter patented by Bob Moog in 1966, and made famous in the Moog Modular and Minimoog synthesizers in the 1960s and 1970s. In addition to the classic Cutoff and Resonance (or "Emphasis") controls, we’ve added a Saturation knob as well for overdriving the tone even further! This filter is the definition of raw, raunchy, and powerful!

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

Input jack- Patch audio signals in here.

Freq Mod jacks and attenuators (1 and 2)- These are CV input jacks and attenuators for externally controlling the filter’s Cutoff Frequency. Both jacks can be used simultaneously. The sum of both jack’s voltage will control the cutoff. 

Cutoff Frequency- Sets the cutoff frequency of the filter from 0Hz to 24,000Hz. Since this is a low-pass filter, all frequencies lower than this value will be allowed to pass through the filter while frequencies higher than the cutoff will be attenuated at a rate of 24db per/octave.

Emph (Emphasis) Mod jack and attenuator- CV input jack and attenuator for externally controlling the emphasis (resonance) of the filter. 

Emphasis- Turning this knob up emphasizes sound energy at and around the cutoff frequency by adding feedback from the filter’s output back to its input. On other filters this is often called Resonance. With higher settings, any modulations or knob twisting of the cutoff frequency becomes more pronounced.

Sat Mod jack and attenuator- CV input jack and attenuator for externally controlling the saturation amount.

Saturation- Adds distortion to the signal. This is where things begin to get raw and raunchy!

Output jack- Outputs the filtered audio signal.