Octal Switch is a simple gate switch that allows CV or audio signals to be turned on and off. It doesn't mix signals or do anything fancy, but it makes switching up to eight signals super easy. Each switch can also be CV controlled.

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

Since there are eight identical instances, we'll go over one set of controls.

In- Input jack for the audio or control signals.

CV In- Accepts a gate (constantly on) CV signal to enable signal flow for as long as the CV is present. Any voltage > 2.5 enables signal flow.

Note that the button always takes priority over CV - if the button is on, then CV's will have no effect. If the button is off, CV will enable signal, and the LED will glow when CV is present.

Active button- Enable signal flow. These are latching buttons, i.e. they remain on when pressed. Press again to turn off.

Out- Signal output. Duh.