The MIDI Multiple module takes one MIDI input and "copies" it to four additional MIDI outputs so that one MIDI cable can be routed to multiple destinations. Since every jack in Voltage Modular can have up to six cables connected to it, it’s possible to merge up to six MIDI inputs and send the data to as many as 24 destinations!

The MIDI Multiple module can also be used to help organize or quickly re-route signals. The From Host MIDI jack, for example, could be patched to a MIDI Multiple which sends data to all of the MIDI modules in a patch. That way if you decide to change the MIDI input source, only one cable needs to be moved to re-route all of the MIDI in the patch.

Inputs and Outputs

Input jack- This is the MIDI input jack. All signals received at this jack will be “copied” to the four MIDI output jacks. Up to six cables can be connected to merge MIDI data.

Output jacks- Each of these four MIDI jacks will output the same MIDI data that is received at the MIDI input jack.