Re-Animator adds graphics and visual motion to Voltage Modular patches, and can help to better understand what's happening in modular patches. Still images and GIFs can be loaded via menus or by simply dragging and dropping. Transparency, width, height, and X/Y offsets can all be CV modulated.

Loading Images and GIFs

The easiest way to load an image or GIF file is to drag and drop it to the center of the display. Images and GIFs can also be loaded by clicking the Load button at the bottom right. If an image or GIF is currently loaded, it can be changed either by clicking the Load button, or by right-clicking in the display area and selecting Change... The display can be initialized by right-clicking and selecting Clear.

GIF animations and images are stored with Voltage Modular patches.

Controls and CV Mod Inputs

All of Re-Animator's controls include mod inputs with jack and a bipolar attenuator. These appear in the blue box adjacent to the control.

X Amount- Shifts the image position left or right horizontally.

Y Amount- Shifts the image position up or down vertically.

Width- Horizontally shrinks or stretches the image.

Height- Vertically shrinks or stretches the image.

Speed - Adjusts the frame playback rate of GIF movies. Center knob position is zero frames per/second - i.e. still frame. Turning the knob counter-clockwise from center causes the GIF to play in reverse at increasing speed. The Speed control has no effect on still images.

Trans - Adjusts image transparency.

Frame Trig - Sending a gate or trigger signal advances the GIF by one frame. GIG's can easily be synchronized to sequences by patching a clock signal to the input. This input has no effect on still images.