The Cherry Audio Phaser module is a four-stage phaser audio effect featuring voltage-controlled rate and individual on/off switching for each stage. The stages of this module are made from four notch filters instead of typical all-pass filters creating a unique type of phaser effect.

Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

L(M) and R Input jacks- These are the mono or stereo audio input jacks. When using a mono input signal, patching it to the L(Mono) jack will feed the signal to both sides of the stereo effect. This is a true stereo effect unit with each side having its own phaser effect. The internal LFOs that modulate the frequency of the left and right notch filters are 180° out of phase with each other to create a sweeping motion from left to right.

Stages- These buttons engage each of the independent notch filters that make up the phaser effect. Each of the four notch filters modulates through a different range of frequencies with stage one being the lowest and stage four the highest.

Rate Mod jack and attenuator- CV input jack and attenuator for externally controlling the Rate.

Rate- Adjusts the rate, from .02Hz to 10Hz, at which the notch filters frequencies are modulated by the internal LFO.

Feedback- Adjusts how much of the filtered signal is sent back to the input of the effect. 

L and R Output jacks- These are the module's stereo output jacks.