The Cherry Audio Noise Generator simultaneously outputs white and pink noise which can be attenuated by its built-in amplifier.

Noise signals are random-voltage signals that can be used as audio or control signals. As an audio signal, noise is often used to emulate the percussive hit of a drum or the breathiness of a voice. As a control signal, it can be a great source for creating randomness in a patch. Noise signals are often used as the input signal of a Sample and Hold module which can adjust the rate at which random voltages are output.

Outputs and Controls

Level- Attenuates the amplitude of the noise signals.

White Noise- Outputs a random signal in which all frequencies across the frequency spectrum are represented equally.

Pink Noise- Outputs a random signal in which each octave across the frequency spectrum is represented equally. Pink noise will sound duller to the ear than white noise, and as a control signal, will be less likely to output higher frequencies.