The Cherry Audio Panner module is a static or voltage-controllable utility for panning an audio or CV signal between two outputs. Typically the outputs will be connected to a stereo mixer or the Main Outs in the I/O panel to pan an audio signal between the left and right speaker but the module is also useful for sending signals to two unrelated destinations. You could, for example, route the CV output from a sequencer to the mod inputs of a filter’s cutoff and oscillator’s pulse-width. The Pan Position can then be used to gradually route the CV sequence to either or both destinations.

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

Input jack- Receives the audio or CV signal that will be routed to the two outputs.

CV Mod jack- CV input for externally controlling the pan position.

CV Mod Amount- Scales the amplitude of the CV signal received at the CV Mod input jack. The + and - LEDs indicate when positive and negative voltage respectively is modulating the pan position.

Pan Position- Controls how much of the input signal is sent to each output. With the knob in it’s center position, the input signal is sent at full amplitude to both outputs. Moving the knob to either side gradually decreases the amplitude of the opposite output.

Left and Right Outputs- Patch these to the left and right jacks of a stereo input for traditional panning. When used to route signals to destinations other than the left and right speaker, you can think of these as outputs “one” and “two” if it makes you feel better.