The Cherry Audio MIDI Drum Trigger module converts incoming MIDI notes to eight individual gate outputs and features easy-to-use Learn buttons for quickly mapping external devices. MIDI notes sent from the pads or keys of an external controller or drum machine can be mapped to individual drum modules, samplers etc. inside of Voltage Modular to create the modular drum-machine of your dreams!

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

MIDI Channel- Selects which MIDI channel the module will respond to. Set this to the same channel as your controller or external MIDI device. When set to “All,” MIDI notes from all sixteen channels will be received allowing devices on different channels to trigger the module simultaneously.

MIDI In jack- Input jack for receiving MIDI notes from an external controller or MIDI device. This is typically patched to the From Host MIDI jack in the I/O panel or the MIDI Out jack of a MIDI Input module.

Triggers 1 - 8

Learn / MIDI Note- Displays the MIDI note-number assigned to each gate output. This can be reassigned by clicking the Learn button (the button will turn red), and playing the desired note on the device patched to the MIDI In jack.

Gate Out jack- Outputs a 5V gate signal while the respective MIDI note is being played. This will typically be used to play a drum sound via the trigger input of a drum module or gate input of a sampler but can also be used, for example, to start and stop sequencers or step through switch modules.