The Cherry Audio Multiple is a dual module that “copies” the CV or audio signal received at its input to six output jacks so that the signal can be sent to multiple destinations. When the Link button is engaged, the input from module one is sent to the outputs of module two as well, creating a total of 12 copies.

The Multiple module can also be used to help organize or quickly re-route signals. Copying the Pitch and Gate jacks from the I/O panel, for example, is a common practice for keeping things tidy and versatile. By using the outputs of a Multiple to send pitch and gate CVs to all of the oscillators and envelopes in a patch, the input source can easily be changed, to an arpeggiator or sequencer for example, without having to re-patch every pitch and gate CV.

Remember that all Voltage Modular input and output jacks feature unlimited mults; the idea behind using a mult module is to make it easier to visualize cable routing. Using a dedicated multiple module also lets you take advantage of Voltage's Add Label right-click command for better organization.

Finally, if you don't need the Multiple module's two independent jack fields, the Micro Mult module offers 1>10 connections.

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

Input jack- This is the input jack for the CV or audio signal that will be copied to the output jacks.

Output jacks- These six jacks will output a copy of the signal received at the input jack.

Link- When this button is engaged, the input from module one will be copied to the outputs of module two as well, and the input of module two will be ignored. When linked there is a total of 48 possible copies.