The Cherry Audio Delay module is a mono delay effect with up to two seconds of delay time, a high cut control, and normal and inverted outputs. While this module is primary used as an audio effect, it can also be used on controls signals.

Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

Input jack- Patch audio or CV signals here.

Time/ms- LED display for the delay time set using the Time knob.

Time- Sets the delay time from 0 to 2048ms.

Feedback- Controls the amount that the delayed signal is "fed back" to the input. Turning this up creates more repeats, or echoes, of the delayed signal. Be aware though, that at very high settings, the feedback loop will repeat indefinitely and continue to get louder and louder!

High Cut- This controls how much high-frequency content, or treble, is present in the delayed signal. When turned all the way to the right to Bright, the delayed signal will sound almost identical to the input signal, much like a digital delay pedal. As the knob is turned to the left towards Dark, the high frequencies of the delayed signal are reduced, or "rolled off," creating a darker tone more similar to old tape-echo machines.

Mix (Dry/Wet)- This knob adjusts the mix between the input signal (Dry) and the delayed signal (Wet) that will be sent to the outputs.

Output Inv jack- Out + is the output of the Dry/Wet mix. Output - is the Dry/Wet mix with its polarity inverted. This is most useful when using short delay times and can sometimes result in a more "hollow" or flanger-like sound when mixed with the original non-inverted signal. Note that this jack inverts the mix of both the dry and wet signals. If both outputs of this module are combined, they will completely cancel each other out resulting in silence! Therefore, it is usually a good idea to use the delay as a parallel effect or aux send with the Mix set to 100% when using the inverted output.