The Cherry Audio Distortion module is an aggressive distortion effect unit with voltage control of distortion amount and audio level compensation. This is a great all-purpose distortion unit for adding some bite to a drum loop, attitude to a bass line, harmonics to a sub etc.

Note that although distortion is typically used as an audio effect, it can also be used to alter the shape or curve of LFOs and envelopes.

Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

Input jack- Patch audio signals here. 

CV Mod jack- CV input for externally controlling the Dist Amount.

Dist (Distortion) CV Amount- Bipolar attenuator for CV signals received at the CV Mod jack. Negative CV control increases as the knob is dialed to the left; positive CV control increases as the knob is dialed to the right.

Dist (Distortion) Amount- Adjusts the amount of distortion imparted on the input signal. Low values can add subtle harmonics or saturation while high values can become quite aggressive.

Output Level- Adjusts the output level of the distorted signal. This is typically used to compensate for the raise in volume caused by adding distortion.

Output jack- Outputs the distorted audio signal.