The Cherry Audio Crossfade module is a CV controllable two channel mixer, usable with both audio and control signals. This module smoothly mixes between two input signals with a single knob and/or the CV Mod input.

Remember that any two signals can be mixed. You could, for instance, mix two LFOs together to create a more complex shape, combine two different CV sequences, or even modulate between a sync signal and an oscillator if you were so inclined! Or maybe you’d rather use it like a DJ crossfader and mix between two drum beats.

Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

Input jacks 1 and 2- These are the input jacks for the two signals that will be mixed together.

CV Mod input jack- CV input for externally modulating the balance between the two input signals.

CV Mod Amount- Scales the amplitude of the CV signal received at the CV Mod input jack.

Initial Balance- Sets the initial balance of the two input signals before any CV modulation. It can also be used to manually mix between the two signals. Assign this knob to a midi controller’s slider to create a DJ-style crossfader.