The Cherry Audio Spring Reverb module is a realistically modeled spring-style reverb with adjustable decay length and true-stereo operation. Spring reverbs can be used in many situations. Short decaying spring reverbs are great for adding a little energy or life into a sound without drastically changing it, while long decaying spring reverbs can take a sound into an entirely new dimension! And let's not forget how cool a classic surf guitar riff sounds drenched in spring reverb!

Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

L(M) / R Input jacks- These are the mono or stereo audio input jacks. When using a mono input signal, patching it to the L(Mono) jack will feed the signal to both sides of the stereo effect.

Input Level- This knob adjusts the level at which the input signal is sent to the spring reverb effect.

Decay (Short/Long)- Adjusts the length of the reverb.

Mix (Dry/Wet)- This knob adjusts the mix between the input signal (Dry) and the effected signal (Wet) that will be sent to the outputs.

L / R Output jacks- These are the module’s stereo output jacks. When using a mono input signal and wish to keep the reverb mono as well, use the L(Mono) Output jack.