TB Oscillator is a super-accurate modular recreation of the oscillator section of the simple-but-beefy oscillator of the world's most iconic acid techno bass synth. Like many vintage oscillators, its waveforms aren't totally accurate on an oscilloscope, which gives them a unique character. In addition to its standard controls, the TB Oscillator's Wave Mix control adds new tone colors.

Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

Keyb CV jack- Accepts a CV input for pitch. Typically this would come from the Pitch jack in the IO Panel CV Out section, or from a sequencer pitch CV out.

Range- Sets the basic pitch of the oscillator, displayed in traditional organ footage, i.e. larger number equals lower pitch. 

Tuning- Fine tune control for pitch, up or down about a fourth. 

Freq CV mod input- Allows modulation of oscillator pitch. Note that the attenuator knob is bipolar, i.e. "zero" position is center. Turning right adds a positive modulation, turning left inverts the incoming CV. 

Wave Mix and Mix Out jack- Allows blending of the saw and square waves when using the Mix Out jack.

Mix CV mod input- CV control input for the Wave Mix control. 

Waveform out jacks- Output jacks for sawtooth and square waves.