The Six-Input Stereo Mixer module is a six-channel mixer for audio or CV signals featuring stereo inputs, pan controls, solos and mutes on each channel. This is typically used as a straight-forward stereo mixer for audio signals but don’t forget that it can be used as a CV mixer as well. If you think of the Left and Right output jacks as outputs “One” and “Two,” the module can then be used as a routing device to mix CV signals in various ways between the two outputs.

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

Input Channels 1 - 6

L(M) and R Input jacks- Stereo audio or dual CV input jacks. Use the L(Mono) jack to send mono signals to both outputs.

Level- This knob adjusts the level at which the input signals are sent to the master outputs. 

S- Solo button for isolating the channel’s signals. When engaged, all channels that are not also soloed will be removed from the master outputs.

M- Mute button for removing a channel’s signals from the master outputs.

Level Meter- Visually shows the level at which the input signals are being sent to the master outputs.


Master Volume- This knob controls the volume of the master outputs.

M- Mute button for muting the master outputs.

Mono/Stereo button- Selects mono or stereo output. The mono position defeats the pan knobs and effectively turns the Stereo Mixer into a 12-input mono mixer.

L/ R output jacks- These are the mixer's stereo audio or dual CV output jacks.