The Cherry Audio Drum Oscillator module is a simple three-waveform oscillator made especially for creating vintage analog-style drum sounds. The pitch of the oscillator can be tuned from 30 Hz - 1200 Hz and can be modulated via its CV Mod input. 

Analog drum sounds are often made by modulating the pitch of an oscillator with a short envelope to mimic the "smack" of a drum. To create a simple kick sound, first set the pitch knob to a frequency around 60 Hz. Then patch the sine-wave output to an Amplifier module's Input jack. Next, add a Percussion EG (envelope generator) module and patch its Env Out jack to the CV In jack of the amplifier. Now connect the Trig jack from the CV Outs section of the I/O panel to the Trig In jack of the Perc EG module. You should now hear a short tone when a key is pressed. Adjust the decay settings until you like the length of the drum. Now add a second Perc EG module that will be used to create a pitch envelope. Patch the Env Out jack to the CV Mod input of the Drum Oscillator and set the CV mod amount to about 75%. Finally, connect the Trig In jack to the same Trig output on the I/O panel. 

Although the title seems pretty specific, the applications for this oscillator go far beyond creating drum sounds! Try using one of the waveform outputs as a ring modulation input or use several instances as “operators” in an FM synthesis patch.

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

CV Mod jack and attenuator- CV Input for externally controlling the pitch of the oscillator. When the CV Mod amount is at 100% the oscillator’s pitch will be mapped across a keyboard at 1V/Oct like a typical Keyb CV input.

Pitch- Sets the frequency of the oscillator from 30 Hz - 1200 Hz. 

In order to play this oscillator in tune with a traditional oscillator, the pitch needs to be set to a frequency that is equal to one of the octaves of the note C. 

C1 = 32.70 Hz
C2 = 65.41 Hz
C3 = 130.81 Hz
C4 = 261.63 Hz
C5 = 523.25 Hz

Waveform Outputs- Three individual outputs for sine, triangle, and square waveform oscillators. These can be used simultaneously in any combination and are all effected by the Pitch knob and CV Mod input.