The Trigger to Gate Converter module converts short momentary trigger signals to longer gate signals. The gate length can be set between 5 and 5000 milliseconds and is CV controllable.

This could be used, for example, to trigger an Envelope Generator (which only has a gate input) with the trig outs of a sequencer such as the Euclidean Duel or to convert the trig out signal from an Eight-Step Sequencer to a CV-controllable variable-length gate signal.

Inputs, Outputs, and Controls

Trigger In jack- Patch trigger signals here to create longer gate signals. The small red LED flashes when a trigger is received.

Gate Length- Adjusts the length (from 5 to 5000 ms) of the gate signals created from each trigger.

Length CV jack and attenuator- CV input and bipolar attenuator for externally controlling the Gate Length.

Gate Out jack- Outputs a 5V gate signal for each trigger received at the Trigger In jack. The small red LED glows when voltage is being output.