The Poly Six-Input Mixer module is a six-channel mixer for polyphonic CV or audio signals. Each poly input jack accepts up to 16 "lanes" of audio or CVs which are mixed to a single poly output jack. This can be used, for example, to mix the audio outputs of Poly Oscillators or to combine multiple polyphonic CV signals sent from Poly Envelope Generators, Mono to Poly CV modules etc.

Inputs, Outputs and Controls

S- Solo button for isolating the channel’s signal. When engaged, all channels that are not also soloed will be removed from the master output.

M- Mute button for removing the channel’s signal from the master output.

Poly Input jacks (1 - 6)- Poly input jacks for polyphonic audio or CV signals. 

Level (1 - 6)- This knob adjusts the level at which each channel's audio or CV signals are sent to the mixer’s master output. 

Level Meter- Visually displays the level of the input signal sent to the master output.

Master Volume- This knob controls the volume of the mixer’s master output.

Master Output jack- Poly output jack which outputs a mix of all six poly signals.